Election 2017

Medford released unofficial results that show the total amount of votes cast for each candidate and turnout by precinct.

The precinct with the highest turnout was 3-2, 43.6%, compared to 30% for the entire city. Voters in 3-2 cast ballots at Temple Shalom on Winthrop Street.

Turnout for the November 2015 municipal election was slightly higher, about 39%. That was the city’s first competitive mayoral election in nearly 30 years following long-time Mayor Michael McGlynn’s decision to retire.

Mayor Burke Re-Elected; 2 New Members Join School Committee

The following results are unofficial:

Stephanie M. Burke, 61% of vote, 6,867 votes*
David McKillop, Sr., 38% of vote, 4,301 votes

City Council (top 7)
Breanna Lungo-Koehn, 5,703*
John Falco, 5,555*
Michael Marks, 4,941*
Adam Knight, 4,797*
Richard Caraviello 4,646*
George Scarpelli, 4,489*
Frederick Dello Russo, Jr. 4,538*
Ann Marie Cugno, 3,673
Natalie Breen, 3,612
Curtis Tuden, 3,269
Cheryl Rodriguez, 2,895
George Sacco, 2,440
Remo Scarfo, 2,053
Robert Cappucci, Jr. 1,784

School Committee (top 6)
Mea Mustone, 5,343*
Erin DiBenedetto, 5,058*
Kathleen Kreatz, 4,544*
Paulette Van der Kloot, 4,540*
Michael Ruggiero, 4,398*
Paul Ruseau, 4,014*
Robert Skerry, Jr., 3,985
Kathleen Cullinane, 3,629
Angela Moore, 3,723
Alex Rodriguez, 2,598

Turnout: 30%

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