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TEDxTufts to Feature Talks by Local Community Members

TEDxTuftsTEDxTufts, an event characterized by a series of short talks on a variety of subjects from carefully selected speakers from the greater Tufts community, will be occurring on March 11, from 12 pm to 4 pm in Tufts’ Cohen Auditorium, and tickets will be on sale at on February 23.

TEDxTufts is an independently organized TED event modeled after the TED talk format popularized on YouTube. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and was started in 1984 as a nonprofit small conference with the motto “Ideas worth spreading.” Today, TED- affiliated events have been attended by thousands worldwide, and hundreds of speakers have talked about every idea imaginable, from education reform to music to neuroscience and everything in between. In 2012, the live recordings of TED talks reached their one billionth video view online. The talks are always under eighteen minutes and are designed to hold an audience’s attention and teach them some new way of thinking in this short amount of time. Speakers are selected through a competitive process to reflect a diversity of opinion, idea, life experience, connection to Tufts, and more. These speakers are coached extensively by trained speaker coaches to hone their speeches and public speaking skills to become expert presenters.

Featured local speakers include Tufts alumna and professor Delia Perlov, who is delivering a talk which explains the multiverse after recently completing work on a cosmology textbook. Megan Rounseville, a Boston native and PhD student at Tufts’ Fletcher School, will be speaking about texting for behavioral change in developing countries. Other topics to be covered this year include neuromarketing, big government vs. big tech, and gender identity expression through art, to name a few examples.

This year’s theme is re:Vision, which encompasses both the process of seeing the world through a new lens and revising something for improvement. The event will be co-sponsored and supported by many local organizations, both on- and off-campus. Select local high school students will also be chosen by their schools to attend the event. More local sponsors will be announced as the date nears. A large art installation answering one of TED’s core questions: “Who inspires you?” will be on display at the event.

TEDxTufts senior curator and Tufts senior Ramone Brown says of the event, “My posisition as executive organizer of TEDxTufts has allowed me to read, reflect on, and give life to the variety of experiences the strangers around me are passionate about. With themes centering around rethinking transition and embracing change are all concepts that have shaped by life.”

TEDxTufts is open to all. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale starting on February 23.

– Submitted on behalf of TEDxTufts

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