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Walgreens Plans to Convert Rite Aid Stores

Walgreens plans on converting some of the Rite Aid stores it owns, according to information on the company’s website.

While specific stores weren’t named, Walgreens said its Rite Aid stores in the Northeast will be among the first to be converted to Walgreens.

Medford has two Rite Aids that could potentially be affected, one in West Medford Square and one in Haines Square.

“As a first step, select Rite Aid locations will transfer to Walgreens ownership over the next few months,” said a Walgreens statement. “When this happens, the pharmacies in these stores will be managed by Walgreens. Over the next approximately 18 months, the majority of these locations will convert to full Walgreens locations with the products, services and great prices found at other Walgreens stores nationwide.”

Walgreens has listed a series of commonly asked questions and answers about the merger on its website.


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