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Police Arrest Suspect Possibly Linked to House Breaks in 6 Communities

– Allison Goldsberry

Seeley, BrandonPolice in six communities nabbed a Taunton man they believe is allegedly connected to house breaks in the area.

Brandon Seeley, 29, was arrested on December 1 on an outstanding warrant issued by Medford Police after they collected evidence that linked him to a house break in Medford. Police say Seeley and others are responsible for breaking into houses over the past four to six weeks in Medford, Malden, Melrose, Stoneham, Lexington, and Arlington.

A task force of detectives from each community arrested Seeley while they were staking out at house in Braintree.

“Seeley has ties to Medford, which may be why he targeted this city and the cities around Medford,” said a statement from Medford Police. “Although it is likely that other people were involved with Seeley, for now he is the only one arrested for this crime. There has been several items of evidence collected from other house breaks in Medford as well as the other cities and towns involved. We believe that evidence will incriminate Seeley and others in additional house breaks. This investigation is ongoing. Seeley is likely to be charged with more house breaks as well as some of his accomplices.”

Police urge residents to “be vigilant in protecting their neighborhoods” and to call them if they notice “strange people or cars.” Police say residents should avoid confrontation and make sure to lock doors to enclosed porches, since an enclosed porch is “perfect cover” for a thief attempting to break into a house.

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