Election 2017

Medford Releases Full Unofficial Election Results

Medford released unofficial results that show the total amount of votes cast for each candidate and turnout by precinct.

The precinct with the highest turnout was 3-2, 43.6%, compared to 30% for the entire city. Voters in 3-2 cast ballots at Temple Shalom on Winthrop Street.

Turnout for the November 2015 municipal election was slightly higher, about 39%. That was the city’s first competitive mayoral election in nearly 30 years following long-time Mayor Michael McGlynn’s decision to retire.

Mayor Burke Re-Elected; 2 New Members Join School Committee

The following results are unofficial:

Stephanie M. Burke, 61% of vote, 6,867 votes*
David McKillop, Sr., 38% of vote, 4,301 votes

City Council (top 7)
Breanna Lungo-Koehn, 5,703*
John Falco, 5,555*
Michael Marks, 4,941*
Adam Knight, 4,797*
Richard Caraviello 4,646*
George Scarpelli, 4,489*
Frederick Dello Russo, Jr. 4,538*
Ann Marie Cugno, 3,673
Natalie Breen, 3,612
Curtis Tuden, 3,269
Cheryl Rodriguez, 2,895
George Sacco, 2,440
Remo Scarfo, 2,053
Robert Cappucci, Jr. 1,784

School Committee (top 6)
Mea Mustone, 5,343*
Erin DiBenedetto, 5,058*
Kathleen Kreatz, 4,544*
Paulette Van der Kloot, 4,540*
Michael Ruggiero, 4,398*
Paul Ruseau, 4,014*
Robert Skerry, Jr., 3,985
Kathleen Cullinane, 3,629
Angela Moore, 3,723
Alex Rodriguez, 2,598

Turnout: 30%

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