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November Arts and Cultural Events in Medford

The arts are often a medium of expression and a vehicle for conversation about topics of the times, and November’s arts and cultural offerings in Medford are no different.

Among the more than 50 events taking place during the month:

– “Songs of Resistance” (Nov. 2) will feature performances of political and protest songs by Tufts University faculty members

– At a historical moment when some want to build walls to separate people, the play “Kin” (Nov. 2-4) explores the strong bonds between them, portraying emotional relationships over a seven-year period in various locations in Ireland and America.

– The monthly Words and Music event (Nov. 3) at the West Medford Community Center, “Immigration Nation,” will explore what means to be a 21st century immigrant in our community, followed by music from “RECESS,” a cross-generational group of local musicians.

– “The Mural as a Subversive Act” (Nov. 6) will contextualize Yuan Yunsheng’s mural “Two Ancient Chinese Tales—Blue + Red + Yellow = White?” (currently on view at Tufts) within the political and cultural climate in China under Mao Zedong, and situate the work within a greater tradition of public murals as a form of activism.

– An artist reception at Sanctuary UCC (Nov. 17) will feature the work of Alyce Underhill, who says of her craft: “Art is not just an object, a poem, a painting or a sculpture. It is a culmination of human energy, human emotions…joy, grief, hope or hunger…. all things that connect us as humans.”

– “The Social Power of Music and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings” (Nov. 27) draws from the Smithsonian Institution’s nonprofit record label’s support of cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound.

The month’s events also include:

– Annual meetings for the Medford-Brooks Estate Land Trust, the Friends of the Medford Public Library, and the Chevalier Theatre Organ Society

– The start of a local writer and storyteller Judah Leblang’s six-week “Medford Memoir Writing Project” course

– A program on the history of the Medford-Malden football series, one of the oldest high school football rivalries in the nation

– Stage plays “The Hungry Woman: A Mexican Medea” and “Pippin”

There also are film screenings, Mystic Makerspace classes, book group meetings, dance programs, and concerts featuring Jewish, Middle Eastern, West African, Iraqi, classical, gospel, and chorale music.

See the events calendar on the CACHE in Medford website for information on these and other upcoming events.

– Submitted by Ken Krause, CACHE Calendar Editor

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