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Medford Police Warn of House Breaks in North Medford

– Allison Goldsberry

On Tuesday afternoon Medford Police alerted residents via the city’s notification system of reported house breaks in North Medford.

Police say the house breaks have been happening during the day time and the suspects have targeted homes with enclosed porches, which gives them some cover to break in through the front door.

“Our Detective Unit continues to investigate these house breaks,” said the police alert. “We are asking all residents in all areas of the City to report any suspicious people or vehicles in their area to the police.”

Concerned residents can discuss the house breaks and other issues at Medford Police’s monthly community meeting on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm at the Roberts Elementary School.

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  1. Where are the patrol cars? There are ZERO. People drive around North Medford all day looking to do this, and we have people from out of the area driving up and shooting up in their cars on our streets. Why? Because they know they don’t need to worry about patrol cars in this area.

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