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Skerry Seeking Re-election to School Committee

Robert E. Skerry, Jr.Robert Emmett Skerry Jr. has announced his candidacy for re-election to the Medford School Committee this November.

Skerry stated that he wants to put his years of experience to work for you and the children of Medford.

Medford has vastly improved its standing among public schools in the area with modernized facilities to help our children and staff flourish in the best educational setting possible. The gravity of changes to the educational system in Medford required a strong and steady hand on the school committee in the past, and will do so in the future.

“My experience, drive, presence, and commitment to the Medford educational community enable me to achieve results no matter the obstacles. I demand nothing less for the young minds attending our schools,” said Skerry.

Education is the cornerstone of a prosperous community. In Medford, I will place the highest priority on giving our young citizens every chance to achieve their dreams. My school board experience through good times and bad provides the perspective and skill to fix problems, overcome bureaucratic obstacles, and further the successes students achieve. An education attained in our schools permits our youngsters to compete socially, civically, and successfully in our 21st century global economy.

The school budget is the foundation upon which successful educational outcomes are built. Across the nation, financial failings are registered daily, but we in Medford are working hard to ensure that the hard earned dollars of Medford’s taxpayers are put to best use and that sound programs and class size limits in place are enforced.

I scrutinize expenditures to assure school finds are used prudently on behalf of, and benefit our students in a timely fashion.

I advocate, and am the voice for proven programs that give Medford’s children the ability to flourish and succeed in today’s world. The programs enable graduates to compete for jobs, to complete advanced education, and continue life-long learning after high school so that they prosper and remain civically minded.

I require new programs to substantiate their effectiveness before funding and implementing them. I work tirelessly to increase public-private partnerships and expand community relations with institutions of higher learning.

I fight to advance educational strategies to support students throughout their schooling and to maximize the number of students who graduate from Medford High prepared for the future. I never fear to challenge the current school administration to provide remediation programs so that no willing student is denied their high school diploma.

As always, I bring concerns of parents and students to the school committee table. Parental involvement is crucial in a child’s school life. I believe that parents and schools must work in unison to create the best educational environment possible for our children. While parents have a nurturing and protective nature with respect to their children, they must understand that the goals and objectives of our professional educations should be embraced, rather than undermined.

Our PTOs and school councils work very hard for our children and I foster and encourage their endeavors on behalf of our students.

As a member of the School Committee, I never fear speaking my mind against frivolous spending and personnel appointments that are not in the best interest of our school community. I demand accountability from our school personnel and strongly promote the professional development of staff and personnel.

We must strive for academic excellence and MCAS mastery by offering advance tutorials in Math, Science, and English for all students to ensure proficiency and mastery of subject matter.

I will encourage the school administration to promote after school and Saturday workshops to enhance MCAS and test taking for elementary and middle school students.

Medford is a diverse community. Our children’s differences must be respected through the implementation of a curriculum tailored to our children’s needs and abilities to successfully complete state mandated testing.

The ideal educational experience in Medford prepares students to start school on firm footing, encourages them to pursue their educational journey through high school and beyond, promotes competency and career skills, and instills a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

We adults owe it to succeeding generations to provide the tools they need to face the economic, civic, and social demands of maturity. I will persevere to bring the educational interests of our citizens forward in city government when elected in November.

In summary, in my candidacy for the School Committee, I remain committed to the children and residents of Medford. I ask for one of your six votes on November 7th.

– Submitted on behalf of Robert Emmett Skerry Jr. for Medford School Committee

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