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Medford Police Defuse Scary Situation at School

– Allison Goldsberry

Nerves were on edge late Tuesday morning in South Medford as a man was allegedly spotted waving knives and threatening people just days after the nation’s most deadly shooting in Las Vegas.

Anderson Jean-Renee, 25, was taken into police custody at the Columbus Elementary School without incident after about an hour, according to a police press release.

Police say the suspect, although taken into custody on school property, didn’t appear to purposely be targeting the school and “was walking around in an enraged state with no planned direction.”

The Columbus went into lockdown mode to keep the children safe and police sent a school resource officer there for “internal security.”

“At no time was any child or school personnel in harm’s way during this police action,” said a police statement.

Police say a caller reported that Jean-Renee was carrying two knives and was threatening people passing him in cars and on foot. The call came in while the suspect was at Medford and Main Streets. A Medford Police officer encountered him on Willis Avenue and, recognizing the potential danger of the situation, called for back up. Additional Medford police and State Police responded to the scene. A Medford Police officer trained in negotiation engaged with Jean-Renee for an hour before a State trooper took advantage of an opportunity to tackle him. The suspect had been covertly surrounded by police and State troopers, one armed with a Taser, to keep him from escaping.

In July police successfully de-escalated a situation outside of a radio station in Medford when a man drove to the station armed with weapons.

Jean-Renee faces criminal charges pending a medical evaluation.

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