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Fire Dept. Reminds Residents of Proper Needle Disposal

What to do if you encounter a hypodermic needle in the street?

The Medford Fire Department says to call their non-emergency line at 781-396-9400. The line is monitored all day and night. Firefighters will dispatch an ambulance to properly dispose of any found needles.

“This is part of our job and we want to ensure the safety of those in the community,” said a statement posted to Medford Firefighters Local 1032’s Facebook page. “We get just as upset seeing these carelessly discarded needles as you, and are never bothered by coming out to get them off the streets.”

Needles should not be touched, picked up, or thrown away. Touching them puts people at risk and tossing them in the trash is illegal for safety reasons.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Medford City Hall both have official syringe and needle disposal areas for safe disposal, no questions asked.

In related news, Medford has appointed its first recovery coach in response to the opioid crisis.

“The City is extremely fortunate to have Paul [Spencer] as a trained interventionist, and soon to be certified addiction recovery coach who has extensive experience working with families, and persons effected by or involved with substance abuse disorders,” said Mayor Stephanie M. Burke. “The Office of Prevention and Outreach continues to make strides in areas such as substance abuse prevention, spreading awareness of addiction and further developing prevention resources. This position will provide a personal resource for those on the path toward recovery and I couldn’t’ be happier to have Paul in this role.”


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