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Semolina Kitchen & Bar Opening in Medford Soon

Semolina Kitchen & Bar– Allison Goldsberry

A new restaurant, Semolina Kitchen & Bar, should be opening in Medford soon, according to multiple sources.

The restaurant, located at 572 Boston Avenue, is a sister establishment to Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square. Semolina Kitchen & Bar will have a dining room and bar area in addition to an open kitchen and market space. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“The building became an opportunity for us, and then we decided what’s good for the neighborhood and community up there in Medford and how we can compliment [Dave’s Fresh Pasta],” General Manager Christina Theophanis told The Tufts Daily in the spring.

“[We’re] catering to the neighborhood, as there’s really no food up there,” Theophanis said. “The aspect of having all three meals and some retail stuff available is good for the community.”

Some photos of the new restaurant were posted to Semolina’s Instagram.

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