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SWAT Team Responds to Incident in Medford- Updated

The SWAT team, state police, Medford police, and other emergency personnel responded to an incident on Cabot Road on Monday afternoon, according to local reports.

The incident happened near Kiss 108, which is located in a building near Wellington T station.

A live video broadcast by Channel 5 showed a man being taken into police custody and put into an ambulance.

According to local reports, the man was going to the radio station to request a song. He allegedly had weapons on him, including an ax, machete, and knives.

Police say they first responded to the scene at 1:30 pm. The “standoff” between police and the man lasted three hours. According to police, no one was seriously injured and the event concluded “peacefully.”

During the standoff, the man drank beer and cut his arms. At one point he exited his car and police tried to subdue him with a taser and beanbag, according to published reports.

The identity of the man isn’t being released. He will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Here is some local media footage taken during the standoff:

Boston25 story

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– InsideMedford.com

Photo of Boston25 video

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