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Nunzio, Rosalie Seeking Homes


My name is Nunzio and I’m a 5 to 6 year old shy boy. I was living outside in someone’s backyard. The lady of the house kept feeding me so I stayed close by and eventually trusted her enough to let her take me off the streets. I need someone who knows that I need some TLC and has the patience and time to work with me. I will become your most devoted cat if you do this for me.


RosalieMy name is Rosalie and I am a 1 year old girl. I lived in a home with a very elderly gentleman and 5 other cats that were my siblings. Although we were loved, we really didn’t get much medical care. My owner passed away and a nice lady came to our aid and brought us to Kitty Connection. I was sent to a foster home where I have been for a while trying to resolve my intestinal issues. I have been on several regimens, trying to rule out IBS (causing me to have loose stools). It takes time and involves a process of elimination to see which medicine has what effect. I have to eat a special food called “ZD” (by Science Diet) right now and I may always need to eat a special food if I continue to have intestinal issues; my new adopter may have to accept this as part of our lives. Kitty Connection is working with the vet to see if resolves.

In foster care, I didn’t care for the other cats so Kitty Connection is trying to find me a home where I am the only pet. I seem happier as an only and, the less stress, the better for me. I am extremely friendly, lovable and affectionate. I love to sleep in bed with you and love getting as much attention as you want to give me.

Can you take me home in spite of my “special” issues? I am hoping for a home of my own where, maybe, my health may just get a little better.

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Kitty Connection is a no-kill, all volunteer rescue based in Medford and dedicated to helping animals in need. KC provides foster homes for them until they are adopted into loving, forever homes.

Cats/dogs are sometimes temporarily staying at foster homes away from the area.

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