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‘Medford Conversations’ Launches Series Jan. 29th

Medford Conversations’ mission is to include and actively engage a multiplicity of voices in our community. Through conversations, the project hopes to encourage people to create and act on visions for a sustainable, just, and thriving Medford, Massachusetts.

On January 29 we will hold a public event to begin. Over the following six weeks dozens of people in small groups will meet around the city to further their discussion. We conclude with a citywide event on March 12 with an action forum to ‘walk the talk’ to make Medford an even greater place to live. Come join the effort!

The January 29th event is called “Who Belongs? Dialogues about Race and Ethnicity in Medford and Beyond.” The kickoff event is taking place from 2-4:30 pm at Medford High School.

– Information from the Medford Conversations website

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