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Medford Firefighters Rescue Elderly Couple from Elevator

– Allison Goldsberry

Firefighters came to the rescue of an elderly couple trapped in an elevator on December 29, according to information and photos released Medford Firefighters Local 1032’s Facebook page.

The elevator was stuck in the basement at 3920 Mystic Valley Parkway, a condominium complex. Firefighters weren’t able to open the elevator despite trying all “conventional methods” and the elevator mechanic still hadn’t responded. Medford fire Lieutenant Bob Turner decided to take additional action to help the trapped couple, who were becoming increasingly panic-stricken.

Lt. Turner noticed a 16 by 16 inch vent in a mechanical room that appeared to lead into the elevator shaft. After cutting power to the elevator, he removed the vent grate, crawled the hole, and entered the elevator. Lt. Turner then proceeded to manually force open the elevator doors, freeing the trapped couple.

The elderly couple, treated and released at the scene, were very appreciative of the crew’s efforts and Lt. Turner’s quick thinking.

Lt. Turner spoke to Fox25 about the experience.

elevator rescue

elevator rescue

elevator rescue

elevator rescue

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