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Medford’s 1st Restaurant Week Coming Up- Updated

Carroll's Restaurant

For the very first time the Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce they will be hosting Restaurant Week January 23rd – January 29th, 2017.

Restaurant week will provide an opportunity for Medford businesses to showcase their cuisine and highlight their best culinary creations!

Please join Carroll’s, CB Scoops, Colleen’s Ice Cream Shop, Depot Square Grill, El Potro Mexican Bar & Grille, Raso’s, Real Gusto, Salvatore’s, & Wingstop!

Update: a growing list of restaurants and special menus are available on the Chamber’s website

– Information from Medford Chamber of Commerce


  1. Questions:
    1) Why is El Potro part of Medford’s 1st restaurant week? El Potro is in Malden, not Medford.
    2) If there is going to be a Mexican restaurant represented in Medford’s restaurant week, why is not the incredibly popular Tenoch which is based in Medford Square?
    3) Why are there no asian restaurants represented? There are five in Medford Square alone.

    There are 5 asian restaurants and a very popular Mexican restaurant all in Medford Square, but the only restaurants from Medford taking part are either italian or “american” fare. Why isn’t there more of an attempt to show the culinary diversity of Medford? Did all of them decline to take part, or were they not invited?

  2. Hi Adam,

    I am the Executive Director of the Medford Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for your excellent questions. The restaurants that are advertised were the first food establishments to respond to our invitation. We have been advertising this event, through the Medford Transcript, social media, our website, Chamber emails as well as word of mouth. Every restaurant in Medford, be it Chamber member or not, is welcome to participate. Please feel free to encourage your favorite restaurant to sign up. We would love to have the full range of diverse cuisine participate in this first Chamber Restaurant Week.


    Janet Donnelly

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you very much for responding to my questions. I greatly appreciate that. However, I do think it is very possible that if English is not a person’s first language, they may not be regularly reading the Medford Transcript and Medford social media. Not trying to tell anyone how to do their job, but I am simply suggesting that in an attempt to have the most inclusive and representative Medford restaurant week, I think it would be a good idea for the Medford Chamber of Commerce to directly reach out to and invite some of the possibly non-native English speaking business owners at establishments such as Tom Yung Koong, Chilli Garden, Nijiya Sushi, Yoki, Blue Fuji, and Tenoch.

      Thank you.

    1. They can speak it Pauline. I’m just saying that I doubt that they are regular readers of those feeds and it wouldn’t hurt to simply invite them to participate.

  3. Pauline, what makes you think they don’t know English? Just because English isn’t their first language doesn’t mean they don’t speak it.

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